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Denise McNerney

Denise McNerney

My name is Denise McNerney. I live in Harvey, Western Australia, with my husband Neville. I have two beautiful children that have grown and left home but as you know we never stop loving or worrying about them. :-)

I am a software engineer and work from home as an Internet Entrepreneur. I didn’t graduate from University until I was 40 and it was nice to find out that the grey cells still worked well. I quite my job as a C++ programmer and now enjoy my life on the farm with Neville, who grows garlic.

I hope you enjoy my blog about my general interests in life of taking care of my health and some of my other interests like real estate investing and Internet businesses.

The image at the top of my blog is a photo I took of our front gate at the farm. It is such a peaceful and serene place here, I love it.

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